I had this really great idea once, about putting a page on the gallery that would be dedicated to those great catfights that appeared in Cavalier and Nugget back in the 80's and 90's. But when I went to start working on it, I found that there had been a little water damage at the casa de Chin (I hope that's not too much mixing of ethnicities there). I had lost all of my old Cavalier issues and most of the Nuggets as well. So I'm not going to be able to post as much as I wanted, but I'll put up what I have.

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11 pics Brandi vs. Danielle from "Catfights" summer 1992
19 pics Danni vs. Diva from "Nugget" magazine Jan 1995
14 pics Sandi vs. Amy from "Nugget" magazine Nov 1992
15 pics Trixie vs. Gloria from "Catfights"
summer 1992
14 pics Angel vs. Carmen from "Catfights"
summer 1992
14 pics Marilyn vs. Rita from "Nugget"
April 1993
25 pics Jeri vs. Lynette from "Leg Action"
April 1997
30 pics Gloria vs. Valerie from "Cavalier"
February 1979
15 pics Gloria vs. Valerie from "Cavalier"
October 1979

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