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   This article presents information on Cynara, the most celebrated fantasy female wrestler of the 1970’s. The centerpiece of her career was the appearances in “Sports Review Wrestling” magazine’s apartment wrestling series. An observer states that she was the female fighting pin-up of the day; as close as anyone came to the status of 1950’s icon, Bettie Page. The career of the woman who posed as Cynara had other facets. In addition to catfight productions, she modeled for other kinds of magazines, and was a film actor. This article ends with a list of sources that display and/or discuss her activities.

Who is Cynara?

   Most would agree with the commentary that states, “The very name oozes eroticism” especially when it refers to a fantasy wrestler. Records that would reveal the given name of the person who posed as Cynara has not been discovered. Several observers speculate that this individual never heard this name. In all probability, only the model herself could address such a claim.  It is hoped
that professional necessity or natural curiosity, caused this person to be aware of her wrestling name, and at least some of the published work. If her awareness extended to a sense of the impact this material had, that would be gratifying. One report suggested that Cynara and Serena might be the same person, and a defunct website claimed that Candy Costello was Cynara’s real name, but neither is correct.
   Cynara modeled for fetish magazines and some of that work has been associated with the name Sarah. This name can be traced to the extinct website “,” which offered images from period magazines, and identified their source. I have examined several publications linked to this name, and none of them use Sarah to identify her. Experts doubt that it is her real name. DrChin has consulted with individuals knowledgeable in the 1970’s fetish scene. None of them had any additional information or new Cynara’s real name.

   On the “Apartment House Wrestling Gallery” website in the Jenny vs. Cynara section are five photos labeled “high resolution” which is Triumph Studio’s set PI-461 5 (right). It was advertized in the company’s bulletin #5 with this description: “Teen-age tomboy Cynara and one of Triumph's favorite girls, Sue Denning (Jenny). Pat overwhelms Sue with a standing leg scissors, and Sue gives up.” The second sentence substitutes the name “Pat” for Cynara. This poses a question, is “Pat” a clerical mistake, stage name, or possibly her real first name.
   Information from the internet states, Cynara was in a movie called FEMALE CHANVINISTS. I found several lists of actors that appeared in this film and Pat Waid is among those who played “Girl Recruits.” A picture of the “recruits” was found and one of them is Cynara. In this image, she is wearing the bottom half of a white bikini and one list states that Ms. Waid was dressed in a white bikini. Motion picture data websites list three movie credits for this actress. I was able to download another of her films named MOONSHINE GIRLS. This movie’s character “Fanny May” is Cynara, and the credits reveal that Pat Waid played this part. I submitted this evidence to DrChin who confirms that Pat Waid is Cynara, believes this is a stage name, and offers an experienced perspective. Both movies are “porn flicks,” in MOONSHINE GIRLS you see all of her, and nothing is left to the imagination. This would be a good reason for using a pseudonym.

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