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  Apartment House Wrestling is Reborn!

Krysia vs. Sophia

Jason Dowler III starts the new generation of apartment house wrestling with a rematch of sorts. The daughters of Cynara and Denise, two of the most famous wrestlers of the previous era, will do battle in the rebirth of the world's most erotic sport!
  Trial by Ordeal!

Jaime vs. Deneyve

A young attorney, frustrated at repeated losses to her law school rival, challenges her nemesis to an apartment wrestling match in a desperate attempt to even the score between them.
  Return to Glory!

Bailee vs. Tessa

Two women, former athletes who feel they were cheated out of their time in the sun, turn to apartment wrestling to recapture the thrill of competition. They also hope to produce an epic battle that will move Jason Dowler to install a championship for the erotic sport.
  Recipe for Disaster!

Celine vs. Ivy

A beautiful restauranteur is forced into an apartment wrestling match to repay a debt to a deceitful acquaintance. But nothing is as it seems, except the danger she faces in the match, and the shocking revelation that comes at its conclusion!
  A Good Man is Worth Fighting For!

Saffron vs. Nico

A hapless man finds himself at the mercy of a scheming jezebel. His salvation comes in the most unlikely of forms, his ex-wife, who challenges the heartless beauty to an apartment wrestling match in order to rescue the woeful wretch from certain ruin.
  Don't Call it a Comeback!

Donna vs. Crystal

An apartment wrestler from the previous era, upon hearing of the erotic sport's rebirth, wonders if she still has the ability to do battle on the plush carpets of penthouse apartments and in front of the most elite of audiences.
  On any Given Sunday . . .

Bailee vs. Melody

The sport's golden girl faces her toughest challenge as Jason Dowler brings in a hungry newcomer to battle the voluptuous redhead. The combination of her fast-paced lifestyle and a tenacious young opponent may prove too much for the undefeated brawler.
  No Way Out!

Crystal vs. Maribel

Two young women are forced to literally fight for their jobs as both have landed in the doghouse of their mercurial employer. With one of the fighters a trained apartment wrestler, the conclusion is a forgone certainty. Or is it?
  Tragedy and Torment in 3-D!

Zoe vs. Tiana

A beautiful computer wiz decides that simply hacking into Jason Dowler's growing erotic sport isn't enough, so she decides to fight in an apartment wrestling match as well. Will she find that combat in the three dimensional world is as easy as virtual reality?
  . . . and the Director yells cut!

Scarlette vs. Alexis

A former stuntwoman turned A-list actress resents the talented new stuntwoman working on the set and works to sabotage her career. The studio head orders the women to resolve their differences in an apartment wrestling match. Will experience and desire be enough to overcome youth and confidence?
  The Glamourous Life!

River vs. Quinn

A gifted young athlete decides to try her hand at apartment wrestling prior to going away to college. It is her misfortune to draw the most ruthless competitor in the sport as her first opponent. Will she survive this most extreme of entrance exams?

Scarlette vs. Bailee

Scandal rocks the erotic sport as nefarious forces seek to control the outcome of various apartment wrestling matches. Caught in the crossfire are an up and coming star and the sport's golden girl. Can Jason Dowler regain command of his erotic wrestling empire before it spins wildly out of control?
  Danger Loves Company!

Saffron vs. Brandi

An adreneline junky finds that only apartment wrestling sates her desire for danger. But has she chosen unwisely this time as her opponent is on the brink of expulsion from the erotic sport for her destructive tendancies?
  Sins of the Mothers!

Eliza vs. Dominique

Eliza challenges life-long friend Dominique to an apartment wrestling battle to reclaim the honor her mother lost thirty years ago when the heiress Tiffany defeated the gypsy Marguerita in two epic brawls. But blonde beauty Dominique might not be simply the pampered princess everyone thinks she is. Will history repeat itself when the heiress and the gypsy meet once more?
  Destiny's Child!

Scarlette vs. Missy

The daughter of a renowned former wrestler challenges the hot new star of apartment wrestling. Bolstered by her belief in her manifest destiny, she hopes to defeat Scarlette and win the admiration of her mother. But if her vision was instead a fantasy, she may suffer the worst lost in the sport's storied history!
  The Wrestler Who was Paid to Lose!

Zhenya vs. River

Desperate for money, a talented fighter secretly accepts cash to lose fights. But how much longer will this skilled beauty suppress her natural urge to be the best? In the heat of combat, which facet of her personality will win out? And what will happen now that the truth is exposed?
  At What Price Art?

Fallon vs. Quinn

A beautiful artist, struggling for inspiration, seeks to stir her muse by entering an apartment wrestling contest. But her opponent is the thoroughly dangerous Quinn. What will the buxom amazon find on the penthouse carpet -- a quickening or a catastrophy?

  the following stories are still in production at this time:  
  Scandal! part 2

Scarlette vs. Katya

Scarlette, still undefeated in her apartment wrestling career is pushing hard for a shot at the erotic sport's Championship. But like Bailee before her, the sultry beauty finds there are nefarious forces at work in the underground sport that seek to manipulate the course of events . . . by any means necessary!
  No Rules -- Just Right!

Monroe vs. Tabitha

Two pure catfighters meet on the plush penthouse carpet to see which will rule this particular subset of Apartment House Wrestling. Monroe has the experience edge but Tabitha is bigger and stronger. Who will come out victorious?
  Class Dismissed!

January vs. Crystal

After her shocking defeat at the hands of a former client in an apartment boxing match, legendary fitness instructor Crystal gets a chance for revenge in a wrestling match. But the confidence gained in victory may make the former student a dangerous adversary.
  The Gauntlet!

Bailee vs. Naomie

Jason Dowler is desperate to rekind the ferocious competitve fire in the erotic sport's golden girl. He books Bailee in a dangerous fight format against an unknown opponent. Will the risky gambit pay off or will he permanently damage the most storied fighter of the new era?
  The Audition!

Saffron vs. Meghan

A young fighter, desperate to become an apartment wrestler, arranges an impromptu match before Jason Dowler at a party. But the novice has chosen the most fearless woman in the sport as her opponent. If she is victorious, she most certainly will deserve a place in the exclusive sport, but many have fallen before her opponent. Will she be yet another?
  Size Doesn't Matter!

Bailee vs. Steph

Petite Steph is allowed to enter the erotic sport after her humiliating defeat of a famous apartment wrestler in a boxing match audition. Her first wrestling opponent -- Bailee! But the novice is more than confident that she can repeat her shocking destruction of a renowned brawler and win her first match in dramatic style!

Skye vs. Chelle

Two lower tier fighters get a chance to show their abilities in front of the erotic sports top promoters and influence brokers. Will either of the two beautiful brawlers make enough of an impression to get a chance to compete again at the top level?
  She says she talks to Angels!

Dominique vs. Nicola

The famed heiress takes on a talented but troubled wrestler who uses apartment wrestling to deal with her demons. The beautiful blonde will have the fight of her career tonight, the only question is whether she emerges victorious or vanquished.