Cynara uses both arms and legs to torture Jenny. The legs encircle Jenny's waist as Cynara's strong thighs crush the young opponent. At the same time, the champion has her palms digging into Jenny's temples (above). Not surprisingly, Jenny is forced to submit and Cynara retains the championship.
Above: Jenny tries to
choke Cynara, hoping
to make the beautiful
champ submit. Right:
Cynara twists her blonde
opponent like a pretzel
and Jenny agonizingly
writhes and moans.

Apartment House Wrestling Champion
  Jenny tries to escape the backbreaking hold in which she's held by Cynara, but all she can do is flail her legs in helpless rage (next page). It is when the champion becomes too impatient for Jenny to submit and tries another hold that Jenny can get free.
NO MATTER HOW many different apartments I've wrestled in, each one seems elaborate to me. I come from a real dull middle class home and I love these beautiful penthouses with their expensive things. It's so luxurious just being in them, like being on some beautiful movie set.
   And yet, with all these splendid things around, every eye in the place
is on ME! I'm the movie   star   in  
this   movie   set,   more   important
  than anything else. When I walk into those living rooms, everyone stops in his tracks. They have all come to see Cynara -- me!
   I'm the best and I'm treated like the best. In those moments before the match begins, when all these rich and brilliant guys are staring at me real hard, I feel like the most special person on Earth. At those times I feel more than beautiful, I feel wonderful.
   I knew I could take Jenny with no
  trouble. I'm the best. There's no girl in the world who's going to beat me. Remember what Dave Moll (originator and organizer of the sport) called me during the introductions? He said, "In every way Cynara is a desirable woman and champion." I love that. No way this scrawny girl would take that introduction away from me.
   I don't bother sizing up opponents before   a   match.   Anyway,   I'm   enjoying   them   watching   the   men

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