With her foe helpless on the carpet, Crystal lands a series of vicious kicks to Maribel's head
     (left), but the young fighter refuses to submit. After turning the tables on her powerful foe,
     Maribel drives her knee into the brunette beauty's groin again and again, the excruciating pain
     nearly rendering the fighter unconscious (right).

Maribel. Expertly capturing her foe's wrist, she flipped the unprepared girl to the carpet and drove her heel into Maribel's belly.
   The beautiful fighter's body spasmed upward as she coughed the air from her lungs. Maribel swung her fist hard and made contact with Crystal's thigh. The brunette stumbled backward and Maribel climbed back to her feet.
   Maribel waded in, throwing kicks and punches with little regard for her own defense or safety. Crystal parried and blocked most of the errant blows, but several still found their target.
   The ferocity of the attack caught Crystal by surprise. She had not expected the timid
  Maribel to put up such a battle.
   Remembering her humiliating loss to Donna [AHW magazine - Dec 03], Crystal brushed off the onslaught and went on her own attack.
   She crushed her diminutive foe in a powerful bearhug. She fired kicks and punches to muscle nexuses attempting to cripple her opponent.
   Evelyn Dandridge had spent a great deal of money having Crystal trained to be a champion apartment wrestler. And now Crystal employed every tactic in her repertoire.
   To everyone's surprise, Maribel did not wilt under the attacks. Though clearly overmatched, the young immigrant fought back effectively, even staggering her
  larger opponent on occassion.
   Realizing that Maribel was fighting with pure desperation, Crystal exploited a suspected vulnerability in the self conscious immigrant.
   Trapping the girl in a punishing chokehold, Crystal ripped Maribel's bikini top off, exposing the fighter's volup-tuous breasts.
   Maribel let out a squeal of embarassment that was muffled by Crystal's chokehold. But instead of collapsing, mortified by her exposure, Maribel went on a furious attack.
   She flipped the shocked Crystal over her shoulder and onto the carpet. Pouncing on her prone opponent, Maribel rained blows down on Crystal's vulnerable body.

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