Apartment House
   Wrestling's Best
     Kept Secret!

   Apartment House Wrestling is the most exclusive of spectator sports. Jason Dowler III has taken great pains to keep the clientele who frequent these erotic matches as select as possible.
   But within the most secret of sports, there is another sport, a shadow sport that the great empressario has worked diligently to keep from the light of day -- Apartment House Boxing!
   However, the story of this thrilling subculture of Apartment House Wrestling can now be told! And with the blessing of Jason Dowler as he feels the time is right to let fans know of another facet of his erotic battling empire.
   Under certain circumstances, subsequent to their competing in an apartment wrestling match, fighters are given the opportunity to meet once again and do battle, but this time with the gloves on!
   It is an opportunity for a loss to be avenged or another demonstration of the dominance previously shown in the no holds barred arena of apartment wrestling.
   Like the wrestling matches, there are no rules to speak of. There are no rounds or count outs. The girls do battle until there is a knockout or an anguished submission.
   Though Jason Dowler's apartment wrestlers are exquisitely trained athletes, most are not quite as skilled in the pure striking ability of the sweet science. This adds to the fabulously unpredictable nature of these bouts.
   There have been breathtaking, thrilling bouts. There have also been one-sided slaughters that have driven fighters out of the sport. Some of the most accomplished wrestlers have been humbled with the gloves on. And there have been delicious revenges full of taunting victory poses and humiliating submissions.
   But these matches have also been used as a try-out, if you will, an audition. Fighters hoping to join the ranks of this most exclusive erotic sport, have given their all before Jason Dowler and his assembled guests.
   And the guest lists are kept intimate in the extreme. Anywhere from the entrepeneur himself to a maximum of twelve thoroughly vetted spectators are on hand to witness these one of a kind events.
   The story on the pages that follow is one of revenge, but not for a defeat in an apartment wrestling match. This is revenge on a personal level. As Jason Dowler was unsure of the one fighter's bonafides, he decided that apartment boxing in front of a limited audience might be the more appropriate venue.
   A gently beautiful young woman seeks redress for percieved abuses at the hands of a harsh taskmaster. The problem lies in the fact that the afore mentioned taskmaster is apartment wrestling's vaunted fitness instructor -- Crystal!
   A peerless brawler, will Crystal's skills translate well in the boxing arena? If so, her opponent may be in for a very rough evening indeed! Sit back and enjoy this peek into the shadowy secret world of apartment house boxing . . .


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