Folks are always asking me if I know any of the names of the models that appeared in Sports Review Wrestling magazine. I used to have a fairly comprehensive list of names for the girls but it is trapped in some non-responsive archives.

I'll give a listing below for what I have on hand at the moment and add to it as I'm able to recover more information. One caveat -- some of this somewhat speculative as there is little solid evidence available from that pre-computerized era. Amateur detective work, comparisons, and reasonable guesses have been used. And obviously, some of these are stage names, not the model's birth names.

So, a grain of salt, if you please.

Here are two things I'd like to clear up immediately as they are two of the most common misconceptions:

This is Candy Costello
This is not Candy Costello!
This is Kandi Barbour
This is not Kandi Barbour!

   Got that? Good. So, on we go . . .
Nancy Benoit

Nancy (Nancy Toffoloni) appears as Para in the May 83 issue
Sue Berry

Sue appears as Amanda in the June 82 issue,
also as Kelly in the Oct 82 issue,
and as Vivian in the Feb 83 issue
Wendy Couch

Wendy appears as Leonora in the Nov 76 issue,
and as Kiki in the Mar 81 issue

(hat tip -- ShiaiMata)
Lisa Deleeuw

Lisa (Lisa Trego) appears as Regan in the
Jan 80 issue,
and as Monika in Battling Girls #4
Sue Denning

Sue appears as Jenny in the May 75, Mar 77,
Jun 78, Jul 78, Mar 79, Jun 79,
and Winter Annual 79 issues
Gretchen Gayle

Gretchen appears as Tiffany in the July 76, Sept 76, and Spring 77 annual issues
Brandy Grant

Brandy appears as Cherish in the Apr 79 issue
Karla Jensen

Karla appears as Phonseka in the Jan 81 issue,
also as Muffy in the Aug 81 issue,
also as Betty in the Oct 81 issue,
also as Vanity in the Jan 82 issue,
and as Dale in the Jan 83 issue
Donna Jordan

Donna appears as Rachel in Battling Girls #4
Rosemary Lorenz

Rosemary appears as Cynthia in the Aug 79 issue,
also as Ruby in the Sept 79 issue
Randy McKay

Randy appears as Cecily in Battling Girls #3
Helen O'Connell

Helen appears as Denise in the Jan 75, Mar 75, and Nov 76 issues,
also as Desdemona in the July 76 issue,
also as Dallas in the Mar 81 issue,
and as Antoinette in Battling Girls #3
Annie Owens

Annie (Andrea Parducci) appears as Stella in the Nov 81 and Mar 82 issues,
also as Sarah in the May 81 issue,
and as Joan in the Jan 83 issue
Toni Roma

Toni appears as Electra in the Jan 80 issue,
also as Vesta in the Aug 80 and Apr 81 issues,
and as the referee in the Jan 81 issue

Seka (Dorothy Hundley) appears as Martina in the Aug 79 issue

Serena (Serena Robinson) appears as Betsy in Battling Girls #3
Su Ling

Su Ling appears as Marguerita in the Sept 76 and Spring 77 annual issues
Hanna Vick

Hanna appears as Lois in the Sept 79 issue
Pat Waid

Pat appears as Cynara in the Jan 75, May 75, and Nov 75 issues
also in several retrospective issues and Battling Girls #1, #2, and #4

(hat tip -- name witheld on request)
Barbara Wilder

Barbara appears as Tauny in Battling Girls #4
Lynn Ann Wilson

Lynn appears as Carlotta in the Mar 83 issue
Sylvia Wright

Sylvia appears as Diago in the Feb 83 issue